Our job is to tell you not only what Oracle will do but what it won’t do.

Our clients chose us not just for our Oracle skills but also for our willingness to solve difficult business problems.

Most of the company’s new business comes from word-of-mouth and customer referrals. ideametrics attributes its success to the management of customer expectations. Implementations most commonly fail when the sales staff over promises and creates unrealistic expectations.

At ideametrics there is no disconnect between the sales organization and technical organization because it is the technical people who perform the needs analysis and create the proposal.

When the CFO at Comcast’s corporate headquarters in Philadelphia needed to provide senior managers with real-time cash utilization, ideametrics was asked to come up with a solution. Within a few months, ideametrics proposed and implemented a business process which used both standard Oracle software as well as additional elements. Bonus evaluations for Comcast senior managers now include cash utilization evaluation criteria.

Ideametrics principals come from a consulting background. Their approach at Comcast and with all clients is to understand the business process first and then to propose a solution.

After receiving numerous bids on an R12 upgrade, a Wall Street investment firm brought in ideametrics for a second opinion. Since there were only a few features in R12 which the company could take advantage of, ideametrics recommended that the company stay on their current version.

Keeping end-users happy. Picking up where Oracle leaves off.

One of ten largest US broadcasting companies was recently beset by performance issues with their Oracle on Demand e-Business Suite. Since their problems were intermittent the Oracle on Demand DBA staff had difficulty isolating the issue. As performance began to degrade even further, productivity sagged and user frustration reached new heights. The company sought out system integrators who understood Oracle protocols for gaining access to an Oracle on Demand instance.

Within a week, ideametrics navigated the complicated permission rules for access to an Oracle on Demand instance, monitored the performance issues for a continuous 48-hour period, isolated the issue and successfully predicted the time of the next occurrence. Productivity returned to normal and users soon stopped their complaining.