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CaptureScan is a mobile application that provides an easy way to manage your assets/inventory. CaptureScan works with a mobile device such as a scanner or even a cell phone to read barcodes on your assets or inventory. Upon reading the barcode, the user can capture additional information, such as pictures, or additional information entered by the user.

The application is intended to collect information quickly, easily, and contactless for asset and inventory management, such as audits. This application is perfect for companies performing internal audits, for external auditors, and for any company that simply wants to manage inventory or fixed assets. The CaptureScan database works in several ways to help you manage what assets and inventory are recorded on your books vs. what assets you physically find with the scanning device. This allows you to verify the inventory and assets on your books with a mobile device.

CaptureScan has interfaces to download the assets and/inventory from your ERP accounting system, then as you scan, the mobile device will tell the user whether the asset exists or not.  CapureScan will record all assets found and will then compare that to the assets in your ERP to determine what assets or inventory need to be transferred, written off, or otherwise accounted for, giving you full control over the asset/inventory valuation on your books.

CaptureScan is a cloud-based system with low implementation costs and a competitive license fee. CaptureScan can be integrated with most ERP systems, and can also work as a stand-alone asset management system.

For more information about CaptureScan or for a demonstration, please check out our ‘contact‘ page.

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