Help Desk Services and Client Self-Sufficiency

Many Help Desk issues reoccur often and result from end-users being unfamiliar with a particular process.  While training an end-user may take some additional consulting time upfront, the end result will be a more capable, knowledgeable and more efficient end-user.  Not only is job satisfaction likely to be higher but long-term consulting costs will be lower.  ideametrics takes the time to train users so that they can solve the problem on their own the next time they encounter it.

More self-sufficent, independent end-users allows ideametrics’ consultants to spend more of their time on the more difficult, complex and unique problems

The opposite approach is more common amongst Oracle consulting companies. The simplest of issues are resolved by the help desk without any attempt to educate the end-user, diminishing user confidence and making it more likely that the error will be repeated.  While this approach will increase short-term consulting income for the Oracle System Integrator, it eventually leads to client dissatisfaction.

System integrators who take this approach are also often poor at resolving the more intractable issues.

Right-Sourced Database Administration (On-shore, Off-shore or On-site)

For banks, governmental agencies or other organizations with security concerns, ideametrics provides remote domestic or on-site DBA resources.

Experienced, authenticated off-shore resources provide a more economical alternative if appropriate.

 A mix of domestic and off-shore is also an option.

Post-Production Support

Services include:

24×7 Monitoring

Performance Tuning

User Training

Report Writing

Database Administration

Business Intelligence