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Focusing on a limited number of skill sets allow us to provide deep expertise in each.

24/7 Monitoring

On-site, off-site or off-shore assigned resources…No need to waste time go over the case with a new person you have never talked to before.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence requires a special skill set. It’s not just an understanding of the ins and outs of how EBS works but also the ability to synthesize data.

Database AdministrationDatabase Administration

He may not have seen every issue before but he seen most of them. Even if it one that he has not seen, he has the logistic skills to troubleshoot and resolve the issue in an expeditious fashion.

Help Desk ServicesHelp Desk Services

What makes our support different is that our goal is to make user self-sufficient. Just solving the problem for the user will not help them the next time they face the same issue.

Post Production ServicesPost Production Services

We’re just as good at handling problems that occur after an R12 installation as were during the upgrade.

R12 Performance & Load TestingR12 Performance & Load Testing

Automated performance and load testing dramatically reduces the risk of unforeseen issues during the go-live process.

Report WritingReport Writing

The difference between an elegant and easy-to-use report and one which is cumbersome requires specialized abilities.

User TrainingUser Training

We want to turn your users into experts. We don’t just show them, we educate them.

Why Choose Us?

At ideametrics there is no disconnect between the sales organization and technical organization because it is the technical people who perform the needs analysis and create the proposal.