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Help Desk Services

Oracle Support for Self-Sufficiency


When taking service requests, ideametrics strives to offer the kind of support which helps users understand the issue. This is a much more economical approach for our clients. The next time the user has the same or similar problem, they will be much more likely to be able to resolve it on their own.

This self-sufficiency approach also allows ideametrics resources to concentrate on the more difficult problems. ideametrics resources will also devote whatever time it takes to resolve an issue.

One of our clients recently had a sporadic issue which would only occur at odd times. The client initially requested support from Oracle itself. The Oracle support team could not replicate the problem since they could only look at the issue for very short amounts of time. ideametrics stayed focused on the issue until it replicated itself. They were able to resolve the issue in 48 hours whereas Oracle support had been working on it for several weeks.

Continuity of Support

Unlike Oracle itself where the same incident might be handled by multiple staff, ideametrics consultants remain with the issue as well as with the company. We offer a dedicated resource who you will know and who will know your problems.

Why Choose Us?

At ideametrics there is no disconnect between the sales organization and technical organization because it is the technical people who perform the needs analysis and create the proposal.