Why Move to Oracle Cloud Applications

With Oracle Cloud Applications, you can create new products, offer revolutionary services, enter new markets, and respond to demand in record time. Impress your customers and gain lifelong loyalty all while merging business and IT operations — and do it all at a lower cost with less complexity.

Customer Experience

Customers will leave if they are not given an engaging yet simple experience. Oracle CX Cloud Suite offers a solution that allows businesses to offer customers an incredible experience while keeping them captivated. If you are looking for a competitive advantage to increase customer retention rates, up-sell your product, and promote your brand, you’ve come to the right place.

Human Capital Management

It’s time for a better way to find and retain the best talent. Oracle HCM Cloud allows your HR team to collaborate, engage, and explore the top options available. Our consumer-based strategy optimizes time and search experiences for your HR department, employees, and executives alike.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Lower your costs, increase productivity, and improve your business controls with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The ERP Cloud’s Financials, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management programs are the key to efficient, calculated business decisions. We’ve turned enterprise business procedures into easy, intuitive controls.

Supply Chain Management

Create your own intelligent supply chain with Oracle SCM Cloud. Built for both the cloud and the modern supply chain, SCM Cloud offers:

  • Product innovation
  • Strategic material sourcing
  • Outsourced manufacturing
  • Integrated logistics
  • Omni-channel fulfillment
  • Integrated supply-and-demand planning

Oracle SCM Cloud is the most comprehensive supply-chain management suite available. You can incrementally deploy functionality with less risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility — all on your own terms.

Enterprise Performance Management

We have successfully combined the innovation and simplicity of the cloud with our market-leading Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) applications. Now, companies of any size can predict performance, create reports with confidence, and connect all people within their organization. Connection is the key to top performance.

Internet of Things Applications

The Internet-of-Things apps from Oracle provide a seamless connection to enterprise assets, production lines, on-the-go workers, and transportation fleets. Keep in touch, improve worker safety, and get smarter with predictive, machine-learning algorithms. You can now quickly extend core SCM, CX, HCM, and ERP process all with real-time Internet-of-Things insights and data.

Industry Solutions

Whatever your industry-specific requirements may be, you can now leverage our product portfolio to address them. We offer solutions for consumer goods, communications, financial services, and more. With Oracle, you can improve your customer experience, raise profit margins, and gain an edge on your competitors. We specialize in the following industries:

  • Automotive: Improve manufacturing with the latest technology
  • Communications: Easier interaction with customers in a digital age
  • Consumer Goods and Retail: Improve customer satisfaction and make informed business decisions
  • Education and Research: Match the demands of today’s modern campus
  • Financial Services: Determine the future of your financial services
  • Healthcare: Save lives with the latest technology today
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Empowering vendors and suppliers
  • Public Sector: Enable better communication between people