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Exceeding Expectations.

ideametrics consultants like difficult problems. The more difficult the better.When the solution involves not just Oracle EBS expertise but understanding and incorporating complex business rules beyond the features of the ERP system, companies such as Rutgers, Kaplan, Comcast, Mediacom, Remedy Partners and CBS choose ideametrics.

Rutgers launched a multi-year finance transformation initiative upon completion of its merger with another university. Oracle ERP Cloud software was selected to replace the legacy financial systems and integrate with the HR/Payroll, Procurement and Student Administrative Systems. Ideametrics was engaged as part of the University’s PMO team to lead its functional teams and collaborate with the multiple system implementation partners. Ideametrics played a key role in post-production support and stabilization of various functions and led the University through its Cloud Release 12 upgrade. Ideametrics has continued to provide post go-live services including enhancements, remediation, additional module implementation, reporting and overall support. Ideametrics is also helping the University transition to normal operations and implement a service oriented PMO including; IT, Finance and Chancellor Unit locations.


Cloud ERP Transformation in the Managed Bundled Payments Space

When a startup in the managed healthcare space needed a financial system that could keep up with their rapid growth trajectory they turned to ideametrics to assist them in finding the right match. The company was born a cloud mentality in their DNA and needed to find the right toolset to match their vision. Ideametrics worked with the team to quickly develop a shortlist of potential candidates. After a rigorous selection process NetSuite emerged as the clear winner when factoring cloud experience, system functionality and package TCO. By aggressively helping the client negotiate with the service providers ideametrics helped secure a 30% lower price than similar deals seem by client staff with NetSuite experience. Ideametrics followed this success by implementing the software within a tight timeframe. A few years of fast growth later the NetSuite financial system has kept up with the needs of the organization and proven to be the right choice for long term success.


Mediacom (Multi-layered Royalty Pricing)

Mediacom is the eighth largest cable company. Royalty payments to content providers such as HBO, Showtime and CNN require inputs from base subscriber count, service package and franchise subscriber counts, channel lineup, bundling package, zone/region assignments and special promotions.

Ideametrics designed a solution that enhanced Oracle’s Advanced Pricing engine with staging tables in a custom schema. The royalty pricing process which had formerly required a staff of three purchasing clerks was reduced to one part-time resource.


Comcast (Single Sign On for Comcast’s 96,000 Users)

Setting up user authentication and authorization for Comcast’s 96,000 Oracle users was not only an onerous burden for Comcast’s IT security staff but was also a constant challenge due to staff additions, departures and changes in responsibility. ideametrics consultants implemented Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) and Oracle Internet Directory. The process leveraged integration with E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Internet Directory (OID), and Microsoft Active Directory (AD).


Streamlining and Automating Purchasing

When Sinclair experienced explosive growth in revenues, tender loving care was given both new and old customers. Recetnly developed and existing services were constantly monitored to ensure that they met customer requirements.

However purchase controls remained the step child that everyone neglected. Procedures and processes which were adequate previously suddenly became problematic

Why Choose Us?

At ideametrics there is no disconnect between the sales organization and technical organization because it is the technical people who perform the needs analysis and create the proposal.